China PCB Prototype Assembly Service

We at BYF PCB & PCBA bring quality graded China quick PCB prototyping services right on your printed boards to enhance your projects and design the next generation of utility systems. Our manufacturing team has over years of experience in PCB prototyping and fabricating the right components with utmost efficiency. As prototyping manually requires the customer to list our specifications for the ultimate design, our expert R&D team will note down your specs and integrate them into the PCB design. And with class-leading industrial prototype PCB assembly services along with general cost-effective pricing to make sure that you don’t hesitate to tune up your work, we also provide faster delivery services to ease up your experience with us.


China PCB Prototype Assembly Service

With our expert and highly qualified R&D team and their 16 years of experience working in the field for BYF PCB & PCBA fabrication and assembly, they can easily conduct and review NPI stages of customers into proper evaluations that directly lead to the design of the PCB. Our team utilizes top of the line raw materials including silicon chemicals, fabrication tools, copper balls, potion, ink, and state of the art technological implementations for efficient and quick design of Printed boards. As a popular China PCB prototype assembly service provider for years with no single form of defect in the PCBs, our team has created milestones and industrial-grade performance in PCBs for providing premium level PCB prototyping to our customers. With that, our delivery services are also very fast backed up by Advanced level PMC management system and thus leading the industry market with faster product management and delivery options.

BYF PCB & PCBA only deals with the number one raw materials in the market for its PCB manufacturing procedures and doesn’t negotiate quality for the price. Our goal is to provide performance-tuned Printed circuit boards that can bring life into your communication and circuit projects without wasting tons of money in new parts. Our specified R&D team members can not only provide rapid prototyping services China resided locations but also circuit-level repairing services, components maintenance, and PCB servicing. Want to have your PCB custom developed by a premium fabrication company from the gate level at a very low price? Our expert PCB fabrication R&D team can not only fabricate but also quote design and completely send the finished product at your home located within a few days of delivery time.

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