Automotive PCBA

Product Parameters

Type of productionRail Transit
CHIP size(mil):402
QFP Pin Spacing (mm):0.2
QFN Pin Spacing(mm):
BGA Ball Spacing(mm):0.3
PCB Layers/Thickness:8 Layers/0.6mm
Solder mask/Silk-screen:Green/White


Products Description

3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

With the introduction of very complex PCB assemblies that have fine pitch QFP’s, micro BGA’s, 01005 components, QFN’s and DFN’s as an example, 3D AOI is no longer a luxury, but essential.

Our 3D AOI system offers the following technological capabilities:-

VT-S series Post Reflow inspection machines have been widely adopted in production lines where high-quality control is required, including the automotive industry. VT-S Series uses a new colour image processing technology called “colour highlight 3D shape reconstruction technology”. The result is the quantification of solder joint shape which dramatically improved accuracy and a reduced number of false rejects. In the field, production needs are evolving with the consolidation of the traceability, and the implementation of quality management on a global basis.

  • IPC standard class 3 compliance in full real 3D.

  • Data analysis and quality control software tools.

  • Repair station functionality with a full 3D display.

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