PCB Fabrication Assembly

With BYF PCB & PCBA, we bring top class industrial grade PCB fabrication and assembly services for all kinds of printed circuit boards and their customization right from scratch. Searching for your ultimate PCB fabrication assembly provider with self-quoted parts and components that you want to use in your project? Well, BYF PCB & PCBA and its key R&D team with over 16 years of experience can do so for you at premium prices and even fast delivery right on to your location. Our team deals with all kinds of PCB fabrication and assembly services including NPI stage evaluation and other procedures to complete setup of Printed boards as per client’s requirement. The R&D is highly experienced with PCB component specializations and complex stage setting of ICs, other parts and full-on process evaluation stages for NPI stages as per customers requires it. Aside, other process checking steps including thick copper plate over 8OZ, complex buried capacitor resistor board, HDI board above 3rd level, high-rise high aspect ratio backplane, multi-layer laminated rigid-flexible bonding board are all handled by the team itself with extreme care and efficiency. 

PCB Fabrication Assembly

With a dedicated team that has years of experience in the PCB design and fabrication field, BYF PCB & PCBA’s product delivery rate is high and well renowned in the China market for fast and quality grade PCB Fab and assembly. Our manufacturing unit employs state of the art methodologies for efficient and fast PCB fabrication and assembly USA provided services and all around the globe within a small period. We use top of the line certified raw materials including silicon materials, photogenic chemicals, metal micro wiring components, and high-quality ICs that don’t just jump up or make noise when operated on printed boards.

We at BYF PCB & PCBA make sure that your product is properly assured and delivered right without any casualties in line. Our usual delivery systems are a part of the PMC management system that is advanced enough to deliver products within days. At the minimal time, a typical medium batch order is 18-storey 2nd-order HDI board, BGA pitch 0.4mm, delivery area 67.2 square meters with minimum hole 4mil, and minimum line width 3/3mil has just 15 days delivery, through a fixed rate of 96.6% only prices. With BYF PCB & PCBA, you can get the best PCB Fabrication Assembly generated products at your disposal with no compromise in quality and groundbreaking prices that are worthy of a comparison.

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